The Awesome LAST RANK

last rank

Few years back, when I was with a midget height and weight (i.e; when I was in school.), I had problem with studies. Not very bad, but bad. I could not overcome it. The phobia of studies jumped to a very high rate in my 7th class. On the day of results of a test written in that year, I walked to the notice board of my class to check mine. I saw my result and then,    ‘ Yes!!! I Got The LAST RANK.’ I whooped. Is it wrong?? Did I do anything wrong?? Please, Can anybody tell me?? I’m in a state of dying here. Everybody around me were staring at me. Are you also staring at me?? You will. Because,

Every student, even the “poor-in-studies” kid, aims for the only target, the first rank. As if it is the only available seat in the parliament. Why?? Because there is some kind of power hidden in that 1st rank. If you can get that, it means that you are on top of the class. On top of every other classmate of yours. Every teacher becomes a good friend of yours and sometimes even the fat Principal shakes his hands with you. Other students come to you for  clarification of their definitely unsolvable doubts and may even elect you as their class representative. Sometimes, you even point out the mistakes in some problem done on the board by your teacher. Every decision regarding the class will be taken by you. Only you. You become the “Ultimate Power”.

Nobody wants the ‘Awesome last rank’. Why??? Because it throws you to the bottom of the class and brings you nothing but scoldings from your parents and teachers. Every subject gives you a hard slap and names it as a FAIL. Other classmates see you as a ghost (don’t even recognize you.) Teachers become your worst enemies and that fatty principal calls you every week and lecture you. You can’t even show your report card to your parents. Such is the position of yours. So, no last rank. Not even think about it.

But, why??? The kid who got the first rank will be remembered only for a week or two. But, the other one, the last rank one will be remembered year long. May be some insults will, for sure, hello him, but he will be remembered. The whole institution aims at his studies. Every teacher, the fatty, students, even the canteen guys also target on him improving his score. (It may be because the school will get a bad name). Parents start to take extra care of him than on his other brother or sister. On his results day, every living being on this earth will be waiting for only his result. Not even for the result of their own kid.

The first rank guy, after seeing his result,will  just glow up his face with a happy smile,   that he got his rank again. But the last rank guy, if he sees that he is ‘PASS’ed in atleast one subject, we can’t even stop him. We don’t even need to ask him a party. He just gives it. If he fails again, it’ll be taken for granted. So, no worries.

Marks or percentages are considered as the defining stuff for the future of the students. It’s ok, but it is not true. No need to worry about them. Also, some studies reveal that last rank or the ‘failed-in-studies’ guys are more creative, more genius, more out of the box, have lesser worries and hence, are more happy. Expectations and building castles in air will be less on this end rank guy and so, he can enjoy his freedom and can do whatever he likes to. Mostly, all the infinite number of talents also revolve around him. He will be the most talented genius ever but with a poor grade in school. (It’s ok. Nobody’s gonna ask your grade after you becoming successful.)

I am not asking you to, go, get a last rank. I am informing you that there is no problem even if you get a last rank or a last place in something else. The end of the world is just a movie. If you are not good in getting first ranks and all, it means that you are good in something else. I don’t say ” Find that something else and strive for it.” That’s your wish.

Note: First rankers and brilliant-in-studies kids please don’t scold me. Climbing the ladder until the first rank is also a very tough job. I appreciate you. But, please let us, the LAST RANKers also live.




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