Online shopping – The addiction.



ONLINE SHOPPING means SHOPPING with no need of standing in the LINE.  I need not say this outdated definition. Because, every living being on earth (please exclude animals, plants, and others.) are very familiar with shopping and it’s 21st century form, THE ONLINE SHOPPING.

First of all, why am I writing this article on Online Shopping when there are many other awesome topics available?? Many articles based on this particular topic are already revolving around the internet. Then why am I writing this one only?? Because I thought remembering this subject once again is the need.

In the no online shopping era, there is only one called shopping which had to be done only by we ourselves going to various shops or shopping malls.  Most of the people ( mostly the households) do it once in a month. They write down every small thing to buy from the beginning of their no money day in that month and once the salary steps in, the whole family goes to the market of shops and starts striking off each item written on their to buy lists. Every festival or occasion also gives the needed need for family shoppings. This type of family shoppings once in a while joins the whole family together and gives a new relationship boost to the family members. Some people do shopping once in a week. Weekend shoppings are also a type of family shoppings but are done weekly and also here, the to buy lists are a little smaller.

Can you tell me when is the last time you did this family shopping?? You can’t. May be you can. But, I think it is maybe on the day of your uncle’s marriage (He and his wife are now celebrating their 7th or 8th wedding anniversary.) Or else it may be on a festival day in the first year of your graduation (Now you are a post graduate.) These monthly and weekly family shoppings can be seen as old memories or as once upon a time things. Why??

Here comes The Online Shopping. The sole reason behind all this forgotten family shoppings. Seriously guys. It . . . changed . . . our lives. I’ll tell you a superb example to support this before sentence. I know a guy from my college. When I first met him, he seemed like he did not belong to this world (not only to me but to everybody else he met). He always hesitated to buy the so called accessories like shoes, bracelets etcetera. He did not even try to follow the latest TRENDS in fashion. He rarely went to any shopping. His family only shopped everything they thought he needs. To say precisely, he hated shopping. I don’t know how the virus of online shopping entered him. It did not destroy him. It simply changed him to a completely another person. He suddenly started following all the very minute change of trends in the world of fashion and technology. That too immediately. Every thing on his body – the shirt, the trousers, the shoes, even his underwear, top to bottom on him is bought from the latest trends section of many online shopping websites. We named him as the online shopping ambassador (Not really. Just for fun.) OFFERS are the main idiots that dragged him online.

I have told you before that there are these monthly and weekly shoppings. Online shopping scissored this months and weeks to days and hours. Yes. Now, some people are even buying something online once in every hour even if they don’t need that something they are buying. At the minute, they have to do online shopping. That’s it.

There are both goods and bads in everything. Also in online shopping. The good is that it brought shopping down to almost every person and also made it easy. Every human being with the access of internet and an account on a shopping website is able to order almost everything and have it deliver it to his doorstep. (He can even order a space shuttle, helicopter, aeroplane, and even tankers also.)  The bad is that we became lazy(even me.) We also forgot that some shoppings are also meant to be done along with our own family.

From today on, I’m going to do my shopping along with my family and touch the online shopping only when I am not able to move (i.e; when I’m busy or when I urgently need something.) Keeping up with the growing trends and enjoying the easeness of doing things is good. But, if it becomes an addiction and one day if we are unable to do our own things on our own?? Jus think of it.





4 thoughts on “Online shopping – The addiction.

  1. Hey whatever you have written seems like so real. I would say that the topic that you have chosen is actually different.
    I am not much into online shopping but yes i won’t deny that today only i have ordered a book online. Sometimes it is convenient to shop online but as you said the feeling of shopping with one’s family is really amazing and that should not be kept aside.
    Nice post.


  2. As you said, there are many banes and boons of shopping online and the joy of shopping with family has been taken away. Besides, we do not have any guarantee about the quality of the products either. But, we can compare prices and almost always, the products are cheaper online than in shops. That being said, offers and discounts are absolute scoundrels for many people really think that they are getting products for 50% (or so) off when that isn’t the case.


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