The AUTHORS’ Perception

A general thinking process or the way we take/understand a situation decides the existence of it in its sense that we feel. This unco(‘strange’ in Scottish) and perplexing thing  seems very familiar to us but its not. A small example can serve us for now.

“The clear blue sky…

Mr.Allan is now heading towards the north west frontier of Manchester, watching the blue skies that gave him a feel of plain summer. It was, though blue, but clear, so clear just like a Crystal Meth.

It can be a scenic view that the author was explaining about and the condition in which Mr.Allan was travelling.

Mr.Allan then thought of the day that went away when he was a kid. He was playing with his father in their lawn then, when they heard a big sound, seeming like it came from the sky. The sky was blue and clear. A confused state they were in, then, not even aware of the danger, but just that sky, the clear blue sky his father saw for his last. A sudden airstrike had hit the place leaving many injured. Allan lost his father. His left leg was removed and replaced by a prosthetic leg.

This time the clear blue sky had an impact on the reader rather just a scenic sense.

Early that day, Allan woke up feeling the essence of the nature. He started walking ahead to his friend’s house which  is in Manchester. There was a heavy down pour last night, with wet grounds on his way, scattered leaves and shattered glasses (because of heavy winds during rain). Birds are getting their nests repaired, people are getting their houses cleaned. Then Allan noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere, when he was almost half way to his destination. Sky turned clear, driving out the dark clouds that shadowed the sun.

This time the author was trying to describe about why Allan got the feel of plain summer earlier. The clear blue sky is a weather condition now. Those clear skies said him not to call the tragic incidents to mind but to reminisce the joyful moments. He was trying hard, yet the clear blue sky had a dreadful impact on him.

Aidan Harry, who was writing the story “ALLAN & THE BLUE SKY”, was sitting beside the window of his drawing room, with his head still, peeping through window towards the clear blue sky outside. Though he hardly enjoy the nature, nevertheless he was trying to feel the nature and its impact on a man. He began to write the story early that day. Last night,he saw his son picturing a painting. In it was the depiction of a man sitting by the beach side, looking into the close still waters and the far surge tides. The sky was clear and blue, just like it was on a mid-noon. Here, it’s a painting . Aidan, inspired from his son’s painting, drew his interest onto writing Allan’s story.

Aarvi, was reading through the book, “Allan & the Blue Sky”, written by Aidan Harry. There were signs of her angst in her eyes, every time she read Aidan’s description about the clear blue sky. Earlier, when she was going through the description or preface of the book, before buying it, she read the line ‘The clear blue sky..’. All at once, in her mind, ran a few lines that could relate to the above phrase connecting its situation. It can be a general English Authors’ description of the view when he was ahead of a road uphill or may be describing the climate and weather, may be a night that has got no stars in the sky, or a state of mind which is pure from calamities, or a state of dull and a relinquish mood, or a detective’s conclusions seeing a photograph, etc. All these she thought of, just before she hardly got to any conclusion.

A reader can have any such views if he is a regular reader. An Author, hence, has to face the challenge of giving a unique perception to his readers such that they will come out of their fickle way of presuming the situation. (just Sarcastic!!). Most successful authors got their perception instilled into the reader.


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