Sentiment - A Belief2

Sentiment means, here I am not speaking about the emotional sensational feeling that one’s heart experiences after seeing or feeling an emotional scene. There is an other denotation to it that we all know (some of us may not).

Our google also has two meanings to the word SENTIMENT. The second definition goes like this (You know the first definition. If not, go search google) :

” A view or opinion that is held or expressed.”

This easy to remember definition do not completely satisfy my talking point. So, I am going to write my own definition to my theme :

“A strong belief that a group of words to be said or not to be and an action to be done or not to be before starting or finishing a particular task.”

NOTE : The above definition is copyrighted. So, please do not copy paste it anywhere else. If you want you can write or type it down wherever you want.

Let’s return to the theory part now. Some sentiments are born after some practical sentiment application scenes. But, others are just simple and not serious beliefs. The first variety are very hardly stuck and the only way to loose them is memory loss. The second variety are loosely stuck and they fall at any time. I’ll just name the both serious senti and silly senti for the sake of my fingers (I am reducing their work of typing the word sentiment every time.)

The believer finds the serious senti very serious and others also consider it serious when they get to experience it or just when they get to know about it. To give an example to this, I throw you an incident from my college. To walk to our classroom, we have access to two different paths. one is a shortcut type and other one is a long one. Everyone uses the longest path to the class although the shortcut reduces both energy and time. That no shortcut sentiment is a very well known senti to every student of the college eventhough there is no need of them to touch the shortcut path. Serious sentis pass on very quickly.

The silly ones are very serious to the one who is believing and are very funny to others. I have a friend who have tens of silly sentiments for a single task. I’ll give you his most funniest silly senti (for me – it’s funny. For you – I hope it’s funny). He is a deep-dyed movie buff. One time, while going to a movie of his favourite hero, his leather belt broke and his pant slided down. (Hahaha!!! Don’t laugh. It’s very embarassing for him.) He don’t have another belt with him. So, he pulled his pant up and came and watched the movie holding the pant with his hands. I know how much discomfort he felt that day. But, the movie got hit and he found the awesome funniest sentiment ever. From then on, to every movie he goes, he do not use the belt. Even if the pant is tight, he used to remove only the top button of it and hold the pant up with his hands all through the running time of the movie. This became a routine for every movie of his favourite hero.

Eventhough silly sentis seem silly, they are very fun to believe. Serious ones have a reason and meaning to them (we think) because many people believe them. Reason in the sense, I gave an example in the paragraph before the upper one. There, the reason for the whole college not using the shortcut path is because some people who walked that path failed in their exams!!! (they must have studied very hard!!!). There are an infinity of silly sentis. Some are very silly like we don’t know even how they are named as sentiments and how foolish we are to believe them. Some like, if we sneeze (Ah-Choo!!) before starting a task, we have to wait a few minutes doing nothing (even if an ant is biting us, we must not interfere!!). Others be like, if a black cat comes infront of us while walking or driving, it indicates that a danger is in wait for us. How silly?? Sentiments even with animals, that too colour indication. Sneeze is a natural thing guys. Stopping a sneeze may cause damage to ear, throat and even eyes. There are thousands and may be millions of other sentiments. Believe sentiments only for amusement. Don’t take them to heart.

Ok guys, I have to open another tab in my browser. So, I have to close one of my opened tabs. Not because there are so many tabs. It’s because I believe that there should be only eight tabs opened. If the number exceeds or deceeds the number eight, I have a senti that my laptop gets a problem to it’s hardware. I am going to close my wordpress tab (other tabs contain the stuff that took a lot of time to search). So, Goodbye!!! (until next post)


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