Anger – An emotion.

This has many faces and facets.

 One say, one’s anger is his own enemy.

One believe his anger puts-up his ‘Pride’ (sarcastic).


             Anyways, ‘Anger’, in fact, is an emotion. God has gifted human beings with many emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise and many such. Well, speaking about an emotion, scientifically it’s linked with the nervous system. So the way we were designed decides our mood, Is it so? No, not really. There were some myths like having a “Diet supplement” would help building the inner strength of governing the emotions. Well, is it Governing or Controlling? Yes, we can just control them, through such means. Can just control, those emotions, which act in surplus at a specific moment. To govern them, we need to master the way we understand our state of mind, initially. Anger has many forms. Let’s start with this emotion. Henceforth, let’s see the way they should be seen.

             Adarsh, my friend next to my door, had grudge on his neighbor as he was the reason for his father scolding him on his birthday. It was just beyond scolding, the way it went on him, that day, which dropped down his view on his so called neighbor. Nevertheless, he was a good being. He saw his neighbor working in his garden, one day. He took a chance. Thought of showing his anger, subsiding his general attitude of relinquishment, though he knew that it was beyond his ability. Yes, anger has many forms. If not this way, then the other. It depends on the way we provoke it.

            If you can understand, from all the above passage, that annoying neighbor of him was me. That day I was out of my senses, when I complained to his father about him. We share the same compound space or area, though live in separate rooms. One gate, wide enough to a ‘fit’ of 3 persons at a stretch, welcome our house guests. Though it was pretty wide, the entrance space wasn’t that spacious to afford two persons at a time. Hence a compromise is required between those two who pass through that space. My ‘Practicals’ exam was very tough which made me carry my mood to the gate of my ‘Shared-gated house’, when Adarsh opened the gate in an opposite direction to the way I do. This irritated me. I know that there was no reason for me to be so frustrated. His reluctant answer added spice on my mood which drew me to complain about him to his dad.

            I was gardening, the next day, when I saw him walk ferociously to me. I was able to guess that a bizarre situation was about to launch. The only possible ways were to halt it or face it. I took the other way round.

An emotion, accepts the Law of Conservation. It takes one form or the other. It’s just interlinked. Once we understand how that link has been established, the very moment, we can conquer our emotion. To stop a train, when the engine is not under our control, we choose to pull the chain, which breaks its motion or at least slows it down. Similarly, an emotion can be halted through a few pleasant gestures. If that day, I had indulged myself in a break through talk, there would have been a different story. Instead, I explained him my reason for my previous actions where he listened to all of them, patiently. Remember, he didn’t just hear it, he listened.

A smile came over his face, with a breeze of forgiveness. If he had a burst-out attitude, the situation would have been warified. He, instead, conquered his emotions. So, the so called ‘Anger’, had changed its form. No food supplement did this. It was just his mind and his understanding that not just controlled his anger but governed it to a different form. Our neural design has nothing to do with our emotion unless we find some ways to blame it for our actions.

Hence, know your mind and its state.


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