Half WAY

Daily Prompt : Tourist

Approximately Five in the evening, it was, when I was riding my bike, all alone on the road. Guarding both of its sides were the tall trees, with monkeys gamboling here and there. It’s been a great day when a heavy feeling of triumph and success was making me to drive passionately. Weather has just cleared its way for a scenic view of sunset despite a heavy downpour, early that morning. Since I was driving towards west, I had a straight view of sunset with an astonishing glimpse of the colors of sun working on the ponds of water, which were formed due to the stagnation after heavy rain.

I like travelling and witnessing places of heavy historic importance. But that morning, I was facing the hardest of my times.

No matter what shall be the consequences, a tourist never wants to stop Halfway to his destiny.

Same in my case. I started off to Mysore, right before the mighty Sun took his position behind those dark clouds. I hardly knew that I need to foresee few situations which I had never before. Coupled with cool breezes, it started off to drizzle. A very pleasant gesture from the nature for enhancing any anecdote. Few ponds started to exhibit their existence on the deep black roads with the brown dry leaves of trees scattered in an irregular fashion. The moment I realised that I was almost in the midst of my journey, a heavy downpour from those dark clouds, completely covering the Sun, started. My vehicle started to pay a deaf ear to me.

It was then when I made up my mind to drive as far I could because I cannot take the other  way around. With some stubborn courage to see my destiny, I took my vehicle into my complete control. To my astonishment, I was almost close to my destination by noon. Deeply hungry, I was, when I witnessed a gentle smog. To my surprise, it was from a small tea stall. A deep exhilaration aired within me and that made my day. I continued touristing.


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