Daily Post : Clouds

Sometimes I’ve the SUN behind me.You say I’m giving you shadow but you have enough reasons to say that I may not be the same as I be.

Enough water to cultivate a land and enough water to destroy, I carry within me.

My meeting with any opponent of mine is really very dangerous when I should have a fight with him.  High voltage lightenings and heavy sounding thunders are obvious at such times. Please don’t consider me as strident.

I’m just as I’m. That’s my nature.

My Wanderlust to different terrains across you can never be diminished, because no one knows how I form and how I melt. I take many shapes and many colors. You see a few but there are plenty.

I’m truly a hard worker, seriously. I take your smoke, make water from it, and then pour them back on to you. You feel happy because you pray all the season for me, when the Sun was harsh on you. I do my job and I’m serious on it.

Sometimes I work overtime. Then you feel that I’m threatening you. But I want to appeal you that I’m just doing my job.

Though I carry gallons of water, I’m still light in weight. So light, that even air has the ability to move me from my position, very easily, without friction.

I’ve a nature of giving feedback to you every time, when I do my work. Either by color or by smell.  Sometimes I may not reach your expectations, nevertheless, you always remember that I shall do my job always and this is the only job that I know.

But I must thank you for every reason as you have been the only planet on which I have an existence. Without you there is no me. Thank you Earth!!


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