Blank Brain Blog?? Are you kidding?? What kind of name is it?? We know what is BLANK, what is BRAIN, and we know what is a BLOG. But, BLANKBRAINBLOG?? Are you sure??

” An idle mind is a devil’s workshop ”

The above phrase is a type of warning quote known to many of us. If our mind is idle or empty, that means when we are doing nothing and just sitting idle thinking about nothing, some unknown evil thoughts may, underline this word: MAY come into our idle minds and they MAY make us to create nonsense. In order to stop these evil thoughts to be born, we have to do something or the other work and keep thinking of something or the other with our brains.

But, I suggest the opposite. Sitting idle MAY give birth to that so called devil’s workshop. It is another point. But, Sitting idle and keeping our mind in an all idle position will also give birth to some awesome and maybe life changing ideas. For example, Meditation is a process of doing nothing but concentrating on our own breath. Also, in this case our mind will be idle. But, I don’t think that doing meditation will form those evil thoughts. I don’t point that the phrase is totally wrong. I am telling that there is also an other side to that phrase. That is:

Sit idle. Doing Nothing. Thinking Nothing. What is there to lose?? There will be so much to Gain. You will know.

BLANKBRAINBLOG is all about this modified phrase. I am a person who is confused, don’t know what to do and sits idle most of the time. When I sit idle, my brain is idle. So, then after much cracking and scratching about what to do, diverts into a new task. Every time I sit idle, I divert to a new task. Yes. Every time, an all new task. Interesting right?? This idle being time converts to what some call as multitasking. Yesterday, when I’m idle again, I thought : ‘Every time I sit idle and do a new task. Why don’t I share my idle ideology and try fill some BLANK brains??. ‘ So, then I started this BLOG and I’m here to share.

Please guys, Do nothing. For sometime. Create Wonders. After sometime.



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