Daily Post : Clouds Sometimes I’ve the SUN behind me.You say I’m giving you shadow but you have enough reasons to say that I may not be the same as I be. Enough water to cultivate a land and enough water to destroy, I carry within me. My meeting with any opponent of mine is really very dangerous… Read More Wanderlust

Half WAY

Daily Prompt : Tourist Approximately Five in the evening, it was, when I was riding my bike, all alone on the road. Guarding both of its sides were the tall trees, with monkeys gamboling here and there. It’s been a great day when a heavy feeling of triumph and success was making me to drive… Read More Half WAY


Anger – An emotion. This has many faces and facets.  One say, one’s anger is his own enemy. One believe his anger puts-up his ‘Pride’ (sarcastic).              Anyways, ‘Anger’, in fact, is an emotion. God has gifted human beings with many emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise and many… Read More ANGER